Title of the Practice:  Course Monitoring Committee

   2 Objectives of the Practice: To have teaching and learning process efficient and effective in each department. To enhance the academics standard and excellence. To have coordination between faculty and students .To creates teaching process more students centric.                         

3) The Context: Course monitoring is very crucial to have teaching and learning process more efficient and effective. It works as a mediator between a faculty and students to improve teaching and learning process.                                                                                                                     

  4) The Practice: Course monitoring committee is integral part of every department in it meetings are conducted on regular basis to monitor lectures and practicals .It works to make constant efforts to have teaching  learning process more students centric by avoiding lacunas in it.                  

     5.     Evidence of Success: Due to CMC great improvement academics performance of faculty and students has observed.                                 

  6.    Problems Encountered and Resources Required: Less free and frank discussions in CMC due to students hesitate to talk. Encouragement is required   

    Title of the Practice:  Departmental Research Committee
    Objectives of the Practice. To inculcate the research aptitude among the faculty and student.  .

3)The Context: Research and Development Cell is engaged in research activities at college and departmental level. Students and faculty conduct research projects in thrust areas of engineering and technology. R & D Cell encourages faculties and students to do individual research.

4) The Practice: With initiation of R & D, DRC (Departmental Research Committee) is formed at all the departments. This committee looks after the research work at departmental level and approval of seminar / projects of U.G. / P.G. students. Following are the duties of DRC to approve the topics of seminar and projects. If necessary change the topic. Approve the synopsis of seminar and projects with suggestions if any. Approve the final report of seminar and project.  With initiation of R & D cell students started SORT (Students Organization for Research and Technology).

    Evidence of Success: Students project quality improved .Faculty publication rate improved.                                                                       
    Problems Encountered and Resources Required: Lack of research culture .Less permanent faculty. Lack of high end machinery.       
1 Title of the Practice:  Book Club                                                                                                               
2 Objectives of the Practice:  To inculcate the reading habits in library users.

3) The Context: Book club activity is run by our library to motivate good reading habit among students and faculty.

 4) The Practice: Amongst the all library users in the college two clubs are formed; one of faculty members and other of the students. Both faculty members and the students are asked to register their names as members of the club. The librarian will be the coordinator of the club. The club members are expected to read the books of their choices, may be technical or non technical, and present the crux of the book in front of rest of the club members.

    Evidence of Success: As a result of this practice the daily library users’ count for books and journals will increased.
    Problems Encountered and Resources Required: Special time slot beyond the college hours should be provided to the users.

    Title of the Practice: Proctor System

2 Objectives of the Practice: To motivate and counseling the students.

3) The Context: In the institute proctors are the second parents of the students proctors monitors the behavioral aspects of the students, so it tooks complete care of the students.

 4) The Practice: Proctors establishes rapport between teacher, students and parents. Each proctor has personal touch with the students to improve the attendance during lectures and practicals. Proctors also provides emotional supports to sort out their problems like home sickness.

5 .Evidence of Success: Student’s improvement in the attendance during lectures and practicals. It provides emotional supports to sort out their problems like home sickness

    Problems Encountered and Resources Required:  Wards hesitate to talk freely their problems

Note from this year institute have started one additional  best practice which is Weighted Feedback System.