Head of Department
Prof. M. B. Bhilwade
Department of First Year Engineering

The college established in the year 1992. The intake capacity of First Year Engineering Department, at present, is 420viz, Mechanical Engineering -120, Civil Engineering -60, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering -60, Electronics Engineering - 60, Computer Science & Engineering - 60 and Information Technology - 60. There are 08 faculty members and 03 technical staff members in the department.

All faculty members are post-graduates with average experience of 09 years. Two faculty members have been awarded with Ph.D. and two are pursuing the same. The department is well equipped with spacious laboratories. It is constantly striving hard for the continuous assessment of the students, guardian system and career counseling. It regularly focuses on industrial visits, expert guest lectures, workshops, seminars, trainings and other co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for technical and personal development of the students. It constantly sticks to various club activities to develop soft skills. It maintains excellent coordination among faculty members and students, and consistently good academic results.

FESA is the first year engineering student’s association. It provides platform for the students to exhibit their hidden skills and talent in the different activities conducted under FESA. It helps to develop stage daring, personality and social awareness. It is functioning well with conducting many activities, i.e., debate, elocution, picture perception, group discussion, recruit yourself, poster presentation, paper presentation, power point presentation, etc.

Vision –

To contribute to the growth of technical education by providing competent technical manpower with high ethical values.

Mission –

To have holistic development of all the courses by following participating management methodology, healthy HR practices, strong industry participation and continuous development in physical resources.



Short Term Goals :


To start a research cell.


To conduct remedial classes.


To develop departmental library.


To have rankers in university exams every year.


To focus alumni activities to guide fresh students.


To upgrade departmental laboratories continuously.


To encourage students for active industrial experiences.


To inculcate the awareness of self learning among the students.


To enhance quality and qualification of faculty and staff members.


To provide soft skills training to the students through several club activities.


To conduct aptitude test, group discussion and mock interview for practice.


To improve all the guts among the students which will be helpful for their placement activity.


To motivate students for the preparation of competitive examination, i.e., GATE, GRE, TOFFEL, MPSC, UPSC, etc.



  Long Term Goals  



To secure hundred percent result in university exam.


To improve department to such an extent that it can be recognized as unique among all.


To make the students competent to express their knowledge and skills through English communication.


To develop state-of-the art laboratories and other infrastructural facilities to promote quality education and research.


To provide opportunities and ensure regular skill up gradation of faculty and staff members through training programs.


To become excellent in learning through continuous improvement in both the content and delivery of the academic programs.


To promote interaction among industry, faculty members and students to enrich the learning process and enhance career opportunities for students.


To strengthen the institute through the network of alumni and optimize use of resources by taking advantage of interdepartmental capabilities.