Expected Changes in Structure:-

Sr. No.    Expected Changes in structure        
1  Industrial Visit /training should be made compulsory for ESD subject.
2  More programming subject should introduce.
3  All subject should have practical’s with External Practical performance.
4  For circuit simulation minimum two lectures should introduce.








Expected Changes in Subjects:-

Sr. No.      Suggesstions Subject    
1 Introduce theory lectures.  Circuit Simulation
2 Introduce Telecommunication introduction.  Analog Communication System        
3 Wave shaping circuit  introduce in Analog circuit-I rather than Analog circuit-II. Analog circuit-I
4  Detail view of verilog HDL is needed.  VLSI Design
5  Extra lecture should be given.  VLSI Design
6  Extra lecture requires for operational research.  Industrial Management
7  Extra lecture require & Microprocessor 8085 should in detail.  Microprocessor & Microcontroller            
8  Software based practical should introduce.  Electronics System Design
9  Need to introduce design of Inverter System ,Design of online UPS.  Electronics System Design
10  Introduce Radio Wave Propagation in Detail.  Wireless Mobile Communication