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Water Field Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


· Sharing of Resources and Facilities.

· To enhance the knowledge about Rain Water Harvesting and Ground Water Management

· Expert Lecture on “Rain Water Harvesting”



Infini Institute of Program Management,Pune


· Sharing of Resources and Facilities

· Infini will participate in revision of curriculum in new areas of Science and Engineering particularly for short and long-term courses, to enhance knowledge of students.

· Infini will share its industry experts as a co-guide for the final year projects scoping for selected few students.

  • Expert Lecture on “Orientation to career in Civil Engineering”
  • Expert lecture on “Estimation & Planning”




Kolte Patil Developers Ltd., Pune


· To enhance the quantity & quality (Technical Competency, Soft Skills, Process Orientation, English Language fluency & Institutional Loyalty amongst the Engineering Pool of our institute.

· Enhance employability & enhance Industry readiness.

· Social responsibility.

· To jointly work for developing all required skill & competencies amongst the students beyond academic.

· Industrial Visits


· Employability in the form of Placement