Dept. Structure 2018-19 Sem-I


Prof.S.S.Patil: Head of Civil Engineering Department   Year 2018-19

Prof. Dr. G. M. Malu

Program Co-ordinator.


PEO’s, PO, & their Mapping, Vision, Mission & Goals, Parent Meet,

Prof. R. S. Chougule

Student Field Training, Department Advisory Board, Adjunct faculty

Prof. J. S. Lambe

I/C class tests, Alumni Coordinator,

Industrial Visits, Community services.

Prof. K. G. Ghodake

FD Co-ordinator,Student feedback, Departmental files checking& stacking,Class teacher BE-A

Prof. A.S.Sajane

Academic Co-ordinator,Load Distribution, Lecture& Course File Assessment, Quality Circle,

Prof. S. K. Patil

Coordinator DQIT,Course Monitoring Committee, I/C Time Table, Classroom Occupancy & Laboratory Occupancy.Class Teacher: TE-A


Prof. S. B. Bhagate

 R&D Co-ordinator, Augmentation Co-ordinator, Class teacher. SE-A

Prof. P. B. Rajmane

Student Attendance Incharge, Students Roll List,Result Analysis, Failure and Dropout, Statistical analysis of student intake, University Rankers, Class Teacher-TE B

Prof. S.J. Patil

CESA Co-ordinator, Professional chapter Co-ordinator,Alumini co-coordinator, Class teacher BE-B

Prof. Mrs.SharadaTanawade

Student Performance in Competitive Exam, Student Higher Education, Students Achievement in Tech., Non-Tech. Activities, Students Publication & Presentation.

Prof. Mrs.A.P.Chougule

CO-Ordinator-III,Faculty Publications, STTP, Workshop, Conferences attended and organized by faculty, Faculty Achievements, Faculty Awards & Rewards, Faculty Higher Education,Faculty interaction with outside world, Faculty Student Ratio.

Prof. Ms.S.S.Patil

I/c Departmental library, Student Seminar Coordinator,

Record of Seminars & Projects,

Proctorial System


Co-ordinator- T&P, III Cell, Website updation,Employers feedback,MoU, EDC, Academic Planner.


Prof. S.V. Chougule

Department Achievement& Initiatives, Departmental Budget, News Letter, Letters of AICTE, S.U.BOS Member Details, Govt. of Maharashtra & University, University Affiliation Letters, G.R.(Maharashtra Govt.), Class teacher. SE-B


Mr. A. V. Patil

Lab development:- Lab Consumables Central and laboratory dead stock, Year wise purchase of laboratory, Lab Maintenance, Repair, Equipment Calibration etc., Department Asset Register (Furniture/ Electrical),



Collection:-Term work Marks & Continuous Assessment, Course Outlines, Modern Teaching Aids, Content taught beyond syllabus

Mr. S. A. Mandlik

Software details, Computing Facility, Lab kept open after college hours

College MODDLE updation (Details of Tutorials & Assignments), Faculty Members Teaching to First Year Engg, Students mail ID.


Plans of Department, Strength & Weakness of Department, Staff Skill Up-gradation, Staff Details

Location Sketch of Dept., Lab & Classroom, 



Faculty Personal Files,Faculty Details- Gender wise, Category wise and Specialization, Admission detail-gender & category wise,

Dept. files register, Address & Contact No of Faculty, Seminar Hall Usage.

Rev. dt. 12/06/2018

Additional work with extra remuneration:

Testing & Consultancy-    1)HOD            2) Prof.S.B.Bhagate (I/C)               3) Mr.S.A.Nitave (Assistant)              4) Related faculty for testing & consultancy.



1.     NAAC:

a.     Prof.K.G.Ghodake (Head)

b.     Prof.A.S.Jamadar

c.      Prof.A.P.Chougule

2.     NBA:

a.     Prof.S.J.Patil (Head)

b.     Prof.P.B.Rajmane

c.      Prof.SharadaTanavade

3.     DQIT:

a.     Prof.S.K.Patil (Head)

b.     Prof.S.V.Chougule

c.      Prof.Priyanka Kale

4.     Discipline:

a.     Prof.S.B.Bhagate (Head)

b.     Prof.Ms.S.S.Patil

c.      Prof.X

5.     Building Committee:

a.     Prof.R.S.Chougule(Head)

b.     Dr..G.M.Malu

c.      Prof.D.B.Desai

d.     Prof.J.S.Lambe