Initiatives taken in a.y. 2017-18

  1. Initiative: - Best teacher / staff awards

Objective: - To promote best practices among teachers and staffs

ATR: - Nomination forms for best teacher, best technical staff, best administrative staff and best supporting staff has been prepared by IQAC. Nominations invited from interested candidates. Nominations are scrutinized by IQAC and results declared.

Review: - Faculties and staffs have shown interest in awards. Competitive nominations received. Less number of nominations received from adhoc faculty.

Reform: - It is observed that some points are related to permanent faculty only. Hence it is proposed to revise the form so that equal opportunity will be available for permanent and adhoc faculty.

  1. Initiative: - Weighted feedback

Objective: - To understand feedback of students about teaching of faculty and weightage of the points in view of students.

ATR: - Weighted online feedback form has been prepared by IQAC. The form contains 20 points. Student has to give weight to each point ranging from 0.5 to 19.5 at an increment of 0.5. Only one weight can be given to one point. In addition to weight, student has to give feedback about teaching of faculty for same 20 points ranging from 1 to 5. Students have given online feedback. Analysis is done through software developed by college in house faculty.

Review: - Weighted feedback found effective for faculty in understanding importance of points in view of students. Faculty come to know lacunas in his teaching and hence accordingly can improve.

Reform: - It is observed that giving the feedback for all subjects and practical for 20 points require too long time. Hence it is proposed to redesign the form with less number of points or to take feedback of only theory subjects.

  1. Initiative: - Faculty Quality Circle

Objective: - Sharing of knowledge through quality circle lectures.

ATR: - Quality circle lectures by faculty for faculty. Different topics related to academics, new technologies, quality improvement, societal issues, ethical values, will be identified. Above topics will be distributed among the faculty groups where one group comprises of three faculty members. On every working Saturday one group of faculty deliver the lectures for faculty.

Review: - Faculties appreciated the practice as they understand many points related to teaching methodology, research activities, new technologies, societal issues, ethical values, accreditation norms, etc.

Reform: - The results of initiative is positive, hence at present no reforms are required.

  1. Initiative: - Student Quality Circle

Objective: - Guidance to slow learners by advanced learners students through cooperative learning.

ATR: - Quality circle lectures by students for students. Cooperative learning is the best method of learning. Hence difficult topics of difficult subjects are taught to slow learner students by advances learner students. The lectures are scheduled after college working hours for about 1 hour duration.

Review: - Students appreciated the practice as they can clear their doubts through cooperative learning and rigorous discussion.

Reform: - The results of initiative is positive, hence at present no reforms are required

Initiatives taken in a.y. 2016-17

  1. Initiative: - PBAS for salary increment release.

Objective: - To release the yearly salary increment, yearly performance of faculty checking through PBAS

ATR: - The self-assessment report was implemented for release of yearly salary increment from A.Y. 2001-02 to A.Y. 2009-10. From A.Y. 2010-11, institute introduced Performance Based Appraisal System (PBAS). All the faculties have to fill the PBAS. IOAC coordinator will evaluate the PBAS and submit the report to Principal.

Review: - No any objections from faculties or management about initiative.

Reform: - PBAS form is revised in A.Y. 2016-17 by IQAC for more qualitative assessment.

Initiatives taken in a.y. 2015-16

  1. Initiative: - GATE coaching classes

Objective: - To promote the students for higher education.

ATR: - Prof. A. P. Shah has been appointed as a coordinator for initiative of GATE coaching classes for students. External agency “GATE ETC, Belgaum appointed as a coach.

Review: - Response from students found less.

Reform: - Instead of in-house coaching classes, online coaching classes of Vidylankar started from A.Y. 2016-17

Initiatives taken in a.y. 2014-15

  1. Initiative: - Formation of academic review committee (ARC)

Objective: - To review the academics of department.

ATR: - ARC in each department formed. ARC will take review of syllabus completion, student attendance, review of University results, mid term/end term test results, conduct oral feedbacks of students.

Review: - All departments formed ARC. Work is going on as per norms.

Reform: - To take review of academics course monitoring system started.