The department of Electronic and Mechanical engineering has developed e-Yantra Lab under the initiation of ERTS lab by IIT Bombay. The e-Yantra project lab has been sponsored by MHRD under NMEICT.One of our student and his team developed a project named “Organ Transportation Drone”. This project was selected as one of the finalist team out of the 350 teams at national level across the country of a robotics idea competition (eYIC 2017) organized & conducted by IIT, Bombay during e-Yantra symposium on 7th& 8th April, 2017.

         Team presented the “Organ Transportation Drone” which is likely to be an alternative to a greencorridor, uses a combination of robotics & aeronautics to fly an organ from one place to another.


           Texas instrument U.S.A has donated Electronics & Embedded system Lab to the department of Electronics Engineering.This lab is utilized by students for different mini & mega projects. The students are using different kits which helps for increase their knowledge.


              Electronics and Electronics & Communication department has centre of Excellence for VLSI and Embedded  System with collaboration of NI-LOGIC,Pune