PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION-I Teaching scheme: Examination scheme: Lectures: 1 Hr Term Work: 25 Marks Practical: 2 Hrs Unit 1: Understanding Communication (2) 1.Introduction, nature and importance 2.Process of communication 3.Basic types of communication- Verbal and Non- verbal 4.Barriers and filters of communication Unit 2: Grammar and Vocabulary (3) 1.Forms of Tenses 2.LSRW skills 3.Types of Sentences 4.Pairs of confused words Unit 3: Phonetics (3) 1.Understanding Phonetics 2.List of phonetic alphabets 3.Transcription, Stress and Intonation Unit 4: Developing Oral Skills (2) 1.Importance and techniques to improve oral communication: 2.Techniques of formal speech, meetings, Elocution, Extempore etc. Unit 5: Professional Correspondence (4) 1.Importance, language and style, formats (British & American) 2.Letter Writing – Simple application letter (seeking permission regarding absence etc.), Inquiry and its reply, placing an order, complaint and its adjustment and email etc PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION - II Teaching scheme: Examination scheme: Lectures: 1 Hr Term Work: 25 Marks Practical: 2 Hrs Unit 1: Developing Writing Skills (3) 1.Importance of advanced technical writing 2.Report Writing: a)Importance and Techniques of Report Writing b)Methods of data collection and its utilization c)Types of Report Writing- Survey, Inspection and Investigation Unit 2: Behavioral Skills (4) 1.Understanding Self 2.Attitude Building/ Developing Positive attitude 3.Decision Making Skills 4.Leadership Skills 5.Emotional Intelligence 6.Problem Solving Skills (case study) 7.Stress Management and Time Management 8.Team Work Unit 3: Presentation Skills (3) 1.Importance & techniques 2.Presenting yourself professionally 3.Public speaking Unit 4: Career skills (4) 1.Corporate Manners and Etiquettes 2.Planning and Managing Career 3.Job Application and Resume 4.Interview :Techniques & skills 5.Group Discussion 6.Debate Reference Books: 1.Handbook for Technical Writingby David A. McMurrey, Joanne Buckley, Cengage. 2.A Course in Englishby J.D. O’Connor. 3.Better English Pronunciation by J.D. O’Connor. 4.Communication Skills Handbook: How to succeed in written and oral communication by Jane Summers, Brette Smith, Wiley India Pvt.Ltd. 5.Personal Development for Life and Work by Masters, Wallace, Cengage. 6.Soft Skills for Managers by Dr. T. Kalyan a Chakravarthi, Dr. T. Latha Chakravarthi, Biztantra. 7.Soft Skills for every one by Jeff Butterfield, Cengage. 8.Behavioural Science by Dr.Abha Singh, Wiley India Pvt.Ltd. 9.An Introduction to Professional English and Soft Skills by Bikram K. Das, Kalyani Samantray, Cambridge Univ ersity Press New Delhi. 10.Speaking Accurately, K.C. Nambiar, Cambridge University Press New Delhi. 11.Speaking Effectivelyby Jeremy Comfort, Pamela Rogerson, Cambridge University Press New Delhi. 12.Cambridge English for Job Hunting by Colm Downes, Cambridge University Press New Delhi. 13.Body Language by Allen Pease. 14.The Ace of Soft Skills by Gopalswami Ramesh, Mahadevan Ramesh, Pearson Publication, Delhi. 15.Decision Making Skills by Khanka S.S. 16.Business Ethics and Communication by C.S. Tejpal Sheth. 17.Write Right by Syed Abdur Raheem.