Waste management is a critical issue in any establishment big or small. In our institution it is especially significant in view of the large number of persons present in the campus. Any type of waste needs to be treated and managed. The waste generated in this campus includes solid waste, liquid waste and e waste. Solid waste is of two types viz. recyclable which is bio degradable and non- recyclable which is non-bio degradable. Hence the first step in solid waste management is to separate out both types. Recyclable waste such as papers, drawing sheets, etc is disposed in a pit. Septic tank collects the human waste (both solid and liquid) from which it goes to municipal sewer line. Separate steps are taken to dispose of non-recyclable waste. Since ours is an engineering institution, every year broken or discarded computer and electronic parts need to be disposed off. This e-waste is handed over to professional e-waste disposal agencies.