To keep the environment pollution free and improve air quality, green practices have to be followed. In our institute we have grown several plants and trees. More than 20% of the land is covered by trees. One important step to follow a green practice is to minimize the use of vehicles. Fortunately since our institute is situated in semi urban area and many students come from villages, some students travel to and from the institute on bicycles. Many students and some staff prefer motorcycles. Most students however use the bus facility that is provided by the institute. Such measures have largely curbed the need for individual transport. All staffs and students exercise particular care in the use of electricity. Lights and fans are shut off by the last person who leaves a room. Our institution is encouraging paperless work. Most reports such as attendance report, daily work reports and other memos are sent mostly by e mail. Paper is used only when absolutely necessary.Any rough drafting is done on the blank side of a used paper.Every year institutes celebrate No vehical day and Ozon day