Our Mission

Dr. J. J. Magdum College of Engineering is one of the colleges in Dr. J. J. Magdum Trust which was established in 1992. Our mission is to educate the next generation of engineering leaders, to create new knowledge, and to serve society. We strive to attract the most talented people: to create, to innovate, and to see the unseen. Close knit and collaborative, the college is embedded in a hub for education and technological innovation. The college has earned 'A' Grade by the state government and is consistently securing toppers in the University. And we wish to place our students in one of the top most sectors in technological brio.

Our Values

Our founder, Late Dr. J. J. Magdum had a vision that every child in the rural outskirts of Maharashtra should get quality higher education. He had got a great support from his wife, Late Dr. Sou. Prabha J. Magdum who accompanied him in founding the Educational Trust. With these morals encrypted in his soul, our leader, Mr. Veejhay J. Magdum, leads the college and many students get to bask in knowledge offered in our Temple of Education.